2nd PoET workshop

23-25 October 2024

PoET Workshop 2024

Now that PoET is starting construction, we are organizing the PoET Workshop #2. The main goals are to:

  • Present an update of the PoET project, including the final design and specifications, schedule, and operations;
  • Discuss the science of PoET and prepare the observation plan, having in mind the impact of the data on exoplanet research, solar physics, and other relevant domains;
  • Present the data policy and collaboration agreement.

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Past Events

1st PoET workshop

23-24 February 2023

PoET Workshop 2023
PoET Workshop 2023

We are organizing a 2-day workshop with the main goal of discussing:

  • The use of the Sun as a proxy for correcting/modelling stellar activity, the role of PoET in this effort and collaborations with other facilities;
  • The detailed instrumental design of PoET;
  • Building a science community around PoET.

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